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Here's Why A Strategic Growth Plan Is Important

Five Reasons A Strategic Growth Plan Is Important

Your Business needs direction, creating a roadmap can be a big help in achieving strategic planning goals.


Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr 

The importance of creating a strategic growth plan.

When embarking on a long journey most people have pit stops along the way. Generally, to break up the journey, get a rest or take a toilet break. Creating a strategic growth strategy plan, is a little similar. In that you create a roadmap of where you want to go and place evaluation & progress points along the way.

It is important for all businesses to create a growth strategy plan. It helps set out the way your business will move forwards. It can show how you plan to do it, who are the key people who will initiate it. What points along the way you decide to evaluate your progress? It also allows you to change things that may not be working faster.

Strategic Growth Plans Help Management Assess Situations Faster

The growth strategy plan will allow management and leaders to look over progress, check operational & sales activities. From this data, new decision making can be implemented as and when is needed.

Most businesses activities will have changed throughout the pandemic. Keeping on top of what is and isn’t working can be the difference in profit & loss. The strategic plan is often visited only once a year by companies. In times like pandemics, this is not enough.

Some business types can see a boom one year and a significant downturn the next. Being agile and visiting your strategic growth plan once a quarter or 3 times a year can help you stay on track.

The main reasons for having a strategic growth plan are as follows.

1.      It provides you with a roadmap to follow. Create, prepare, and execute your road map goals.

2.      You can be proactive in your decision making. If changes are required, they can be implemented forthwith.

3.      It can help you outwit your competition to increase your market share. Having the ability to communicate your message better, to your targeted audience. Means you will control more of the market share over time.

4.      You can grow at a pace you are happy with and can control it better. Being in control of the speed in which you grow can make your business more durable for the long term.

5.      When thinking about long term growth, there may be an opportunity to expand your business into other beneficial markets.

Be Dynamic & Creative With Your Strategic Growth Plan Roadmap

Businesses are hard enough to run at the best of times. Give yourself the best opportunity possible by investing in a strategic growth strategy plan. Visit it 3-4 times per year to evaluate, change decisions or even the direction you need to move in. Be in control of your own destiny.

We see many businesses with great products and services that never see the light of day. The reason is they did not have a strategic plan that creates engagement with their target audience.

Be dynamic with your strategic growth plan. 4.5-4.9 billion people log onto the internet each day. Finding out where your perfect, avatar or target audiences’ hangout, has never been easier to do. Leverage the search engines, social media and provide good content on your website.

All the above become part of your strategic growth plan. Once a habit of creating content, about your business, to showcase to the world begins. Your business will have more chance to shine, be seen and grow.

Please reach out if you require a little direction and help.

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