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Businesses Create Power Of Leverage Growth Strategies

How To Create A Power Of Leverage Offering In Business

Create a furor, advantage and value to become the talk of your town or city.


Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr 

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In today’s world utilising the power of “Leverage” could be exercised more frequently than it’s currently used for. It requires individuals and or businesses to delve & dig deeper into the thought-finding process to create an offering worth leveraging.

Providing a valued commodity or pain threshold, for your demanding majority to ponder over, is the furore creation for demand your audience will crave.

Maximise The Advantage For Your Power Of Leverage Product or Service.

The word leverage has two meanings, one as a “noun” the exertion of force by means of a lever. The second being a “verb” use (something) to maximum advantage. ( Definitions from Oxford Languages)

Utilize the one that resonates best with you.

Both meanings can be used to one’s advantage in whatever context your preference is, and or association you find the most exciting to your needs and offering/s.

When using leverage in a personal or business environment, awareness should be accessed faster by a wider audience, helping to highlight yourself, a product and or service forthwith.

“It could be in the public domain within minutes to hours depending on the furor created”.

The birth of the internet provides such an excellent conduit to present your leverage. It is where 4.5 – 4.9 billion people log on each day, searching for such people, products & services needed for their everyday requirements

Creating A Valued Demand Vs Supply Power Of Leverage Offer

To create a rapid demand Vs supply, the following are needed, to elevate the “Power of Leverage” in your favour and make it worthwhile and successful.


A Defined & Detailed Offering Provided– This should be Something that Your Target, Avatar, Perfect or Persona Audience is in urgent need of. One that creates such excitement, containing it becomes an impatience by virtue.

The Offering Must-Have Potential to Provide A Significant Demand– The demand you create should be as far-reaching as possible to maximise your leverage. Your phone or email box should be constant, showing you have created the highest demand.


Offering Should Be of High Value or Even priceless. Opening your mind and creating an offering to which can be priceless for your audience. Could mean you, your product and or service become the talk of the Town, City or even the Country.


It should be something that cannot be accessed every day. A once in a lifetime or periodic opportunity in small supply but high in value will have the best impact.

Now it’s time for you to become creative in your thinking. What “Offering” can you think of? One that has all the ingredients mentioned above.

To help you find a possible solution, here are some foods for thought examples for your perusal.

Package a product and or service in such a way as to create the demand. It could be your own or one you have negotiated an excellent rate on, from a supplier.

You have a prestige ticket/s to a sporting event (final) or concert e.g.

You should ask clients for more business in return for a ticket or if you spend X you will go into the draw to win one.

You have a product and or service that is of high value. You allow a wider audience to win it for a potential fraction of the cost. Say 1, 2 or 3% of the value so it becomes a no-brainer of a decision.

Be Creative With Your Power Of Leverage Campaign.

A fixed number of participants should be set, Only the ones who act quickly, have the opportunity for the reward.

It’s Over to You – Be Creative

It’s now time to get your thinking caps on, do brainstorming meetings, ask friends, family & strangers for their thoughts. Whatever you need to do, find a solution, create the demand and promote it to your audience.

Go and just do it. Oh, and good luck, reach for the stars & fall among the clouds and you will be doing ok 👌

This Article First appeared on The Goodmen Project By Halifax Digital Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr Of Bobby Barr Media.

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