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Here's Why Home Working Productivity Is Important

8 Systems That Increase Productivity Working From Home

Dont get caught up in the lack of productivity when working from home in a pandemic.


Halifax Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr 

The importance of home working productivity.

One year on into the pandemic, many people are still having to isolate and work from their home. How does this impact a person and a businesses productivity on a daily and weekly basis? For one it is very important to be organised when scheduling your working day and week.

This helps to keep you busy with fewer distractions. Working from home is an easy way to become distracted and unproductive. With a TV & kitchen within proximity having a disciplined approach is vital to maintaining a productive day.

Do people like working full-time from home? Many polls seem to have arguments for and against working from home full-time. Although some would suggest working from home 1-2 days per week could be feasible.

What are your thoughts? 🤔

Eight Ways To Help Increase Home Working Productivity.

  1. Set your daily Schedule - Having a daily plan to work from can help you find the structure for your days working from home. It is a great tool that can help coordinate your day ahead. Being Organised will assist in keeping the pressure at bay.
  2. Set Tasks That Need Completing - From your daily schedule break down your task to-do list, this should include things that need completing come what may. This will help keep you focused and provide more concentration in completing the most important daily tasks.
  3. Designate Your Working Space - Pick a nice place to work from that can provide plenty of light, with a window if possible. Try not to be cooped up in a badly lit closed room. It may feel more like a prison and not a working environment. Encourage as much positive energy flow as is possible. This helps to empower you for a positive workflow and day ahead.
  4. Work In Time Blocks - To maintain concentration levels, create working time blocks of 45 -55 mins for eg. Take a 5-15 mins break in between, doing this will help you to assess things, catch up on missed phone calls or have a toilet break. Structure, focus and momentum in this way help to increase your daily output.
  5. Eat Healthy Throughout The Day - The lure of the cupboard while working from home can be very tempting for many. Keep disciplined and eat healthy foods like fruit, vegetables & protein.This will help boost your energy levels. Stay away from too much chocolate, biscuits and sugary foods, they will create an energy slump during your day. It can be difficult to concentrate during these times.
  6. Communicate With Your Team - It is important to stay in contact with your office or team to keep updated on any new changes occurring. Chatting on the phone helps to break up your day too. So many things are lost in transit by the lack of communication, this can lead to double the amount of work being created. Keep in contact and keep informed.
  7. Automate Some Processes - Progress reporting can be automated by using a CRM system. Reports can be stored and sent to the relevant people at periods set by you. It could be daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you choose. This eliminates the need to keep finding the reports, and constructing a new email every time.
  8. List Your Daily Gains - Keep yourself energised & motivated by listing your daily, weekly & monthly gains. It will keep you focused and hungry to create more as well as making you feel fulfilled. Dont be frightened to give yourself a pat on the back when you are achieving.

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